EPM is proud to offer the Telepsychiatry program. This cutting-edge practice uses proven, Internet technology to bring the best of behavioral healthcare to communities and facilities that need 24/7 and 365-day coverage. Our psychiatrists can be joined remotely to any hospital by a site-independent, Internet-based, FDA-approved, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system, which allows consultations within facilities located in both rural and urban areas in need of behavioral health physician services.

Our Telepsychiatry program brings the best of behavioral healthcare and disposition who find that psychiatry resources are necessary to provide the most advanced and expedited services to their patients. Leveraging the benefits our Telepsychiatry service offers, EPM now partners with other providers to deliver Telepsychiatry programs in multiple locations. We have found that behavioral health patients are very receptive to telepsychiatry consultations. Since the inception of this service, continuity of care has improved through the use of this state-of-the art technology. Our Telepsychiatry psychiatrists and staff have reported very high levels of confidence in satisfying the needs of our patients.