Navigation of the healthcare system can be challenging. For patients who also require care for chronic behavioral health issues, the challenge can sometimes seem insurmountable. Patients released from inpatient psychiatric care with both medicine and psychiatric providers can benefit from continuity of care with both medicine and psychiatric providers, however, they often forsake their medical health because coordination with multiple providers in multiple locations can be challenging.

Green Oaks Integrated Outpatient Clinic (IOC) offers a solution. In one convenient location, we offer primary care and behavioral healthcare in one visit. Our clinic provides a comfortable waiting area, minimal wait times and compassionate and welcoming staff in a tranquil setting with coordinated care. In this setting, we have created a well-blended practice where providers share support, management staff and an electronic health record. The practice treats as a team to support patient healing through daily briefings which reinforce the individualized treatment plans.

By integrating psychiatric and medical care, our clinic is able to achieve their goal of providing primary care for patients currently unable to access such services. Our practitioners collaborate as a treatment team and accept patients from three years and up.