We try our best to schedule appointments together for the patient’s convenience. When scheduling your appointment, be sure and notify us that you would like to try and schedule your visit with both physicians at the same time.
We have a list of outpatient providers that with whom you will be able to make an appointment. Learn more about our outpatient providers.
We require that in order to see a therapist, you will need to have an appointment scheduled, so be sure and make your appointment prior to your visit.
Yes, however, you will have to schedule with both the medical provider and psychiatrist to receive services without insurance. You must also be willing to work with our social worker to become insured if you wish to continue to receive our services. There are many options to explore, and we want you to be sure you will be able to get the services you need.
We accept most all insurance policies, including Medicare, Medicaid and NorthSTAR. The therapist, however, does not accept Medicare, Medicaid and NorthSTAR, but they do offer therapy at an affordable rate!
We have a psychiatrist who specializes in children/adolescents and accepts ages 5 and up. Our other providers, including our therapist and medical providers, see adolescents from ages 12 and up.
Yes, we offer prescription for our patients and helpful locations of where they can be filled.
It is expected our patients will pay for their visit, if applicable, and we only accept debit/credit cards.